Case Study
   Looking Ahead – With Confidence
35 year old, married male presented to us with bilateral severe ptosis since birth, with low self esteem and various personal problems, after visiting several eye specialists. He underwent bilateral ptosis surgery (frontalis sling suspension surgery) at Eye Essential. Post surgery not only he gained good cosmesis but also was a confident, happy man.
Before After

   Happily Married
Young female, 25 years old presented to us with 55 PD exotropia (squint) which was an obstacle for her marriage. She underwent both eyes squint correction surgery @ Eye Essential which helped her to improve her cosmesis and find her a suitable groom.
Before After

   Coming Back to Life
48 year old male presented to us with painful loss of vision in the left eye with redness, swelling since 2-3 months. After thorough eye examination, he was diagnosed to have left eye Choroidal melanoma (type of eye cancer) for which enucleation with PMMA spherical implant surgery was done @ Eye Essential. After 6 weeks of surgery, he was given prosthetic eye (artificial eye) to improve his appearance. He and his family members were thoroughly thrilled with the final result. Not only he was treated completely from the cancer but also regained good cosmesis which was a great morale booster for him.
Before After

   Changing Life
Mr. Virendra Doshi, 45 year old, Stage and TV artist and a good compere developed exotropia (squint), that became a hindrance for him in getting new assignments and caused depression and dejection. After visiting various eye specialists, he came to us for an opinion. He was impressed by our clinical acumen and professional approach and decided to undergo both eyes surgery with us. Post surgery he was delighted to see absolutely straight eyes (orthophoric position). Today he is immensely thankful to us for helping him in getting his life back on tracks.
Before After

   Vision Restored
Mrs. Asha. S, 33 years old female, complained of sudden dimness of vision in the left eye since 3 days and dimness of vision in the right eye since 1 day. She was being treated as acute glaucoma @ a nursing home. They came to us for a second opinion as vision was deteriorating fast inspite of all the treatment given. On presentation, she had no PL (no vision) in the left eye and HM+PL+PR+ vision in the right eye. She was totally blind and was brought into our centre with lot of physical assistance. She was diagnosed to have bilateral retrobulbar optic neuritis. MRI was done and she was admitted for IV pulse therapy. RE vision started improving but left eye showed no improvement. After 15 days of treatment, she was given both eyes retrobulbor steroid injection. Finally her right eye vision was restored to 6/12P and left eye vision to 6/36P. Today they blindly trust us for any vision related issues in her entire extended family.

   Best Gift of Life
3 year old Amar was brought to us with whitish reflex in both his eyes noticed by his parents. They even complained that he was not able to move freely in their house alone and was not as active as he used to be few months back. He was diagnosed with bilateral cataract with poor vision. He was operated for both eyes cataract surgery with lens implantation within a span of 15 days under general anesthesia. Today, he has good vision in both the eyes and is attending school regularly.