Our clinic is equipped with best equipments from around the world.

Equipment Company Country
• Operating microscope with video camera Carl Zeiss Germany
• Autorefractometer + Autokeratometer Huvitz Korea
• SW-1000 A-scan ultrasound Suoer Korea
• Direct Ophthalmoscope Heine Germany
• Streak Retinoscope Heine Germany
• Perkins Tonometer Haag Streit UK
• Schiotz Tonometer Biro Germany
• Prism bar Luneau France
• Shift Cold Phacoemulsification machine Appasamy India
• Radiofrequency(RF) cautery Basco India
• Reuben's Boyle's apparatus for anesthesia Hospitech India
• Chair unit with slit lamp for eye examination Appasamy India
• LCD screen I-chart for vision testing Appasamy India
• Indirect Ophthalmoscope Appasamy India
• External focusing LED light Basco India
• Magnifying operating loupe Basco India
• Fogger for OT sterilization Galtron India
• Hepa Air filter for OT Mukta India
• Digital Ultrasonic cleaner Equitron India
• Electric Autoclave (automatic) SPI India
• Suction Machine Medistar India
Modular Operation Theatre with AHU and Hepa filter Sterimaxx India
Chaxu Phacoemulsification machine Chaxu- House Of Ophthalmics India
OCT Appasamy India